How To Fix Electric Scooter Tire?

How to fix electric scooter tires? If you are another electric scooter enthusiast like us and got stuck with a flat e-scooter tire, then we got you covered.

When you get a flat e-scooter tire, the first thing you need to do is to fix the tire before you move further with it. But not all e-scooters are the same, and you may need to deal with their different mechanisms using different tools and ways.

Here, we will discuss not only how you can fix the flat tire but also how you can prevent it from further flattening. Also, how to take off the old tire and punctured inner tube. So, jump right in and learn what needs to be done with your flat e-scooter tire!

How To Fix An Electric Scooter Tire?

Fixing a flat electric scooter is easy for those who know the trick. A quick outlook might help you in this case. If your e-scooter tire has got flat, some initial steps should be as below:

  • Release the remaining air from your flat e-scooter tire.
  • If the tire is repairable, then fix it with slime.
  • Or, remove the existing tire from the rim and replace it with a new one if the damage is too serious.
  • Install and inflate the tire at the instructed PSI.
How To Fix An Electric Scooter Tire

How To Repair A Flat E-scooter Tire?

Flat tires are a common issue with an e-scooter. You may find more or less four types of e-scooter tires as below, and you have to fix them based on the tire type you have.

  • Pneumatic/air-filled tires
  • Solid/airless tires
  • Honeycomb- a combination of the previous two, air pockets with solid rubber
  • Flat-Free
How To Repair A Flat E-scooter Tire

Fixing e-scooter tires is really an effortless job if you have got the right tools. These trouble-free methods can help you-

  1. Fixing with slime.
  2. Changing tire- (putting a brand new one)
  3. Changing tire- (solid version)
  4. Repairing punctured tire- (step-by-step tutorial)
  5. Changing wheel- (installation of an entirely new wheel)

How To Prevent A Puncture And Fix A Damaged Tire With Sealant/Slime?

Our first method is to use a sealant. It is a fast, easy, and prompt way to repair a damaged e-scooter tire. However, you must note that the tire sealants are not very useful for large tears in the tire. The usage of slime or sealant is pretty much the same for different types of e-scooters. Sealants are great to use as a repairing element as well as a flat-preventing component.

Things you will need to seal a flat tire-

  • Tire slime/sealant
  • Hose to pipe in the slime.
  • Valve stem core remover (your sealant may come with one)
  • An electric or manual portable bike pump to inflate the tire


Step 1: Remove the valve stem of the tire using the valve stem core remover, placing the valve on the tire’s upper side.

Step 2: Deflate the tire completely and remove any sharp object stuck into it, like- nails.

Step 3: Attach the hose tube to the stem and push in the slime. You may only need 118ml per tire.

Step 4: Reinstall the stem core and inflate the tire up to the mark.

Step 5: Now, with your hand, spin the tire keeping the e-scooter bike up straight to distribute the sealant evenly throughout the tire.

How To Prevent A Puncture And Fix A Damaged Tire With Sealant

Tire sealant coats the tire wall with a sticky substance. When a puncture occurs, it will reach through the hole and come into contact with air and seal the hole.

How To Change An E-scooter Tire?

Follow the method that matches your e-scooter requirements below.

A) Replace and install A Rear Tire With Spoke:

Tools you’ll need:

  • 18mm socket
  • 8mm wrench
  • 4 & 5 mm Allen drive
  • Screwdriver
  • A pair of tire irons

B) Remove & Install A Solid Tire:

Here, in this method, you will not only see how to install a solid rear tire but also how to take off the old tire and punctured inner tube:

Tools you’ll need:

  • Liquid soap
  • Hercules tire irons (3 pieces)
  • Paper towels

How To Repair A Punctured E-Scooter Tire?

If your tire is punctured, but you can still use it with a little repair, then the following tutorial would be helpful.

Tools you’ll need:

  • A tire repair kit that includes- Tool, patches, plastic levers, glue, etc.
  • A mini pump according to the valve type.
  • A compact, pocket-version Allen Wrench.


  • Make sure to keep every removed part from the e-scooter in a safe place. I personally use a box or tray to keep them organized.
  • If it is punctured, try not to push the e-scooter on its wheel. It’ll worsen the damage; rather, fold and carry it home. And prevent stealing by properly locking up your scooter.

Why Do Flats Occur In E-Scooters?

There can be multiple reasons behind your flat scooter tire. Often this may happen due to uneven tire pressure. Some usual causes are as below-

  • Rough Road
  • Puncture
  • Uneven Tire Pressure
  • Unavoidable Strong Impact


How can I avoid getting more punctures?

To prevent or reduce punctures in the e-scooter, you have to take care of the following things- 
1. Use tube sealant in the tire’s inner tube to prevent punctures.
2. Check the tire and rim regularly and repair little rips and tears as soon as they appear.
3. Avoid riding in wet conditions.
4. Keep a suitable tire pressure.
5. Explosion-Proof electric scooter tire replacement is an excellent way to prevent further punctures.
6. Replace the inner tube when there is any damage. A damaged inner tube also damages the tire.
7. Get tubeless tires, and you can avoid puncture risk altogether.
8. Heavy-duty inner tubes last longer than regular ones.
9. Replace whenever necessary.
10. Practice and fix your riding stance.
11. Avoid rough and cracked roads.

Where can I get my puncture repaired?

Get your puncture and damaged e-scooter repaired from the distributor if you have a warranty. Or you can either do it yourself or can go to the local electric vehicle (EV)/repair shops/local bike shops to fix it.

Final Thoughts

How to fix an electric scooter tire? If you get a flat e-scooter tire, the first thing you do is to get off of your expensive electric scooter and not try to ride it until fixed. Otherwise, you may damage it and ruin it completely. Also, remember that you have to repair a particular tire in a particular way.

So, even if your e-scooter tire gets punctured, now you know how you can repair them with a little effort. And thus, you would not have to spend a lot at the repair shop. Take a look at how to store your e-scooter for a long time.Do a favor by sharing us with your electric scooter enthusiast friends and mates. They will be helped as well. Have a safe ride! See you soon!

Do a favor by sharing us with your electric scooter enthusiast friends and mates. They will be helped as well. Have a safe ride! See you soon!

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