How To Store Electric Scooter In Apartments?

In today’s urban landscape, electric scooters have become a popular mode of transportation. Whether you own an electric scooter for your daily commute or occasional joy rides, proper storage is essential to maintain its longevity and performance.

If you are concerned about how to store electric scooters, then worry NO MORE! Storing an e-scooter requires the right knowledge and method. Electric Scooter needs a proper place and environment to store and use in the next season. You need to keep it in a safe and warm place. There are some tactical things that you must do to keep the scooter usable later. Furthermore, you must maintain a certain battery level during storage. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at how you can store your e-scooter with proper maintenance so that you can ride it next season.

How To Store Electric Scooter Preventing Damage And Theft?

When you store your e-scooter, you have to consider two primary things. Those are to keep it safe from damage and theft. So, to do that, you should consider some major factors. And here are some useful guidelines that will help you to store your e-scooter safely.

  • Charge it up to 60% before storing and maintaining the charge level. Check every month if it is on the right level.
  • Store your e-bike in a dry room that will have a favorable temperature in the winter and in the summer as well.
  • Clean up the dirt and dust before putting it in the package. Wipe with a damp cloth to remove all the dirt. Close the charging port before you start cleaning. Thus moisture will not get inside.
  • If the wheels are too dirty, wash them with a showerhead. But before doing so, make sure water does not enter the charging port. Use a hairdryer to dry the e-scooter completely. Do not turn on the bike until it is completely dry. It is best to wait for a day before turning it on.
  • Lubricate the metal parts. Since you have dried up the e-bike, now spray its metal parts with silicone spray.
  • Lock it with its own safety kit and with an external locking system.
  • Turn it off properly and fold to store.
  • You can store it in its own cover that it came with if it is waterproof. Otherwise, take care of the waterproofing factor if you store it outside during the summer.
  • Give occasional checkups and make sure everything is alright and working properly.
How To Store Electric Scooter Preventing Damage And Theft

How To Store E-scooter On An Apartment Balcony?

In an apartment, there is not enough space to store all your goods. So, when it comes to storing an e-scooter, you have to be a bit tactical. The balcony can be an ideal space for it if snow and rain do not enter the place. You can use an electric scooter storage rack, wall mount, or stand to save space. But make sure the scooter is stored securely on the wall mount and does not fall off from there.

Where To Store An E-scooter?

For regular storage, a shed or garage is the right place. In summer, outside weather is all good for storing an e-scooter. So, when the weather goes a bit down, or it starts snowing, keeping the electric scooter outside will not be a good idea because things may not go well in winter. So, where should you store your e-scooter in the freezing months? 

You can store your electric bike in a garage, attic, basement, and in the house as well. No matter where you store your e-scooter, make sure the temperature never reaches below 0 degree C / 32 F. It will damage the device and the battery, and the functionality will be lost over time.

Where to store an e-scooter

There are some ways to store your e-scooter, alternatively using an electric scooter wall mount. You can store the scooter in the following ways depending on the time and place you are storing it. However, you have to be sure to put it in a way so that it does not fall from above.

Where To Store Electric Scooters During Summer?

During the summer, the weather gets really heated. So, try to put the scooter under a shade where direct sunlight hits the vehicle. Always store any electric device in a dark, shady place, be it a vehicle or something else. Also, make sure to cover the bike either with a plastic bag or with its original packing. 

Where To Store Electric Scooter During summer

Where To Store Electric Scooter During Winter?

In winter, most of the area near the poles of the earth is covered in snow. So, anything that you keep outside will freeze. Therefore, storing your e-scooter outside will be the worst thing to do. Also, if you store it outside, it will get dusty as soon as spring comes and will be ruined by dirt and rain. So, what’s the best place for storing your e-bike?

You have to store it in a dry and warm place so that the cold weather does not freeze the vehicle. However, do not put it beside a heat source. Also, consider keeping it under a shed. The basement or garage can be the best option to do so. There it will be safe from dirt, dust, snow, and rain.

How To Take Your E-scooter Out After Winter?

When the winter is over, everyone gets ready for scooting. So, bring your e-scooter out of the electric scooter stand, and do not miss enjoying the fresh breeze. And make sure you take care of the following things before you do that.

  • Recharge the e-scooty 100% before you ride.
  • Then discharge it to the level that discharges completely. And make sure you charge the battery again.
  • Check if the tires are inflated properly or not.
  • Make sure the control system is okay, and the power button works fine.
  • Check the motor and the brakes as well.
  • Examine the throttle, acceleration, and speed.
  • Check all the lights if they are working properly.
  • Before heading to the road, check if all the gears are working well.

How To Store E-scooter Battery?

You should also take care of the e-scooter battery. Since most scooters have rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries, they need to be taken care of like your e-bike. So, when you store the battery, follow these valuable tips for the best results-

  • Recharge the battery at least 50% before putting it away for storage. This way, it will keep its capacity during the winter.
  • Maintain an ideal storage temperature. The perfect temperature for storing a battery is between 10-25ºC. Especially maintain this temperature if it is a non-removable battery.
  • If the battery has been frozen for too long, do not recharge immediately. 
  • Always use the original battery charger that comes with the scooter.
  • Store it in a dry, warm place, like a scooter rack wall mount. Long-term contact with frost can damage the battery by changing the chemical compounds and preventing it from receiving a charge.
  • Use a protective cover to prevent direct sunlight from hitting the battery.

These were some tips to keep the e-scooter battery safe over the storage period.

Protecting the Electric Scooter from Damage

To protect your electric scooter from potential damage during storage, take the following precautions:

  1. Remove any accessories or detachable parts that could be easily damaged or stolen.
  2. Secure the scooter in an upright position to prevent it from falling over.
  3. Use padding or soft materials to cushion the scooter and prevent scratches or dents.
  4. If storing multiple scooters, ensure they are adequately spaced to avoid collisions or damage.

Storing Electric Scooters Long-term

For long-term storage, take extra precautions to keep your electric scooter in optimal condition:

  1. Remove the battery and store it separately in a cool, dry place.
  2. Inflate the tires to the recommended pressure to prevent flat spots.
  3. Cover the scooter with a breathable, waterproof cover to shield it from dust and moisture.
  4. Consider periodically moving the scooter and adjusting its position to prevent tire deformation.

Regular Inspection and Maintenance

Even when in storage, it’s important to inspect and maintain your electric scooter periodically. Every few weeks, check the scooter for any signs of damage, such as loose screws, worn-out tires, or rusted parts. Perform basic maintenance tasks like lubricating the moving parts and ensuring the scooter’s folding mechanism functions smoothly.


Can you store your electric scooter outside?

You should not store your e-scooter outside under the sun. This applies to the wintertime, but it applies to summer as well.

Is it safe to keep an electric scooter in a house over winter?

Home temperature is ideal for storing an e-scooter. However, do not put your e-scooter underground. Because most of the time, it remains colder than the upper part of the house. And it is best to keep it in a warm and dry place.

What are the best places to store an e-scooter over the winter?

Store your e-bike in a warm, dry place away from a heating source during the winter. It’s best to put it where snow and rain won’t enter. It could be your attic, basement, balcony, or shed.

Can You ride an e-scooter in the winter?

It is not usual to ride an e-scooter in the winter. Moreover, it’s not safe. You have to be really careful and learn the techniques to ride the scooter in winter if you are so eager to do this.

Final Thoughts

So, whenever you want to store your e-scooter, make sure you have checked all the steps. This way, it will be kept safe and sound over time. These scooter storage ideas are easy to follow. Moreover, you can also use them to store other electric vehicles and devices. Happy Riding!!

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