How Long Does It Take To Charge A Lime Scooter?

Lime Scooter is now one of the best options for a short drive around the city. If you are a Lime juicer/individual Lime recharge dealer, your job is to give the scooter a full overnight recharge for a trouble-free ride. But you are new to this job and do not know how long does it take to charge a Lime scooter completely.

Mostly an electric scooter takes about 4 to 20 hours to charge fully. How long your electric scooter will take to charge depends on different factors. To know how long a Lime scooter will take to recharge and how you can do it fast, go through this article.

How Long It Will Take To Charge A Lime Scooter: All You Need To Know

Are you new to the Lime juicing job? Do you want to know how long it takes to charge a Lime? As a brand new Lime juicer, it isn’t easy to assume the charging time for Lime scooters. Since the charging time depends on multiple factors, it will vary from one scooter to another.
Nevertheless, with the standard current voltage and charger capacity, a Lime scooter may take only five to six hours to charge completely. However, the time can extend to 20 hours depending on the battery capacity and the chargers used. Electric scooters with smaller battery capacity mostly have 1A or 2A chargers, and large scooters often have dual chargers with 2.5 A to 5.0 A capacity.
This charging timetable can help you to figure out the charging time of a particular electric scooter battery from 0% to 100% based on the current output on the charger (from 1 Amp to 5 Amp) and the battery capacity (in Ah).

Battery Capacity(Ah)Current Output on Charger
1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A
2.6 Ah2.6 hr1.3 hr0.9 hr0.7 hr0.5 hr
5.2 Ah5.2 hr2.6 hr1.7 hr1.3 hr1.0 hr
7.8 Ah7.8 hr3.9 hr2.6 hr2.0 hr1.6 hr
10.4 Ah10.4 hr5.2 hr3.5 hr2.6 hr2.1 hr
13 Ah13.0 hr6.5 hr4.3 hr3.3 hr2.6 hr
15.6 Ah15.6 hr7.8 hr5.2 hr3.9 hr3.1 hr
18.2 Ah18.2 hr9.1 hr6.1 hr4.6 hr3.6 hr
20.8 Ah20.8 hr10.4 hr6.9 hr5.2 hr4.2 hr
23.4 Ah23.4 hr11.7 hr7.8 hr5.9 hr4.7 hr
26 Ah26.0 hr13.0 hr8.7 hr6.5 hr5.2 hr
28.6 Ah28.6 hr14.3 hr9.5 hr7.2 hr5.7 hr

Now, let’s see what factors impact the charging time and how you can make it faster to earn more.

The Factors That Cause Lime Scooter Charging Time Vary

You can quickly charge the electric scooter using a quick charger. But the charging time can vary since different factors affect the charging time.

Type of charger

There are different chargers you can charge the scooter with. The charging time of a scooter depends on how powerful the charger you have. There are some regular chargers and quick chargers available in the market.

With a regular 2A charger, it will take about 6 to 7 hours to charge an e-scooter with the lowest to almost no charge. However, a quick charger will shorten it to three to four hours. These fast chargers are most likely of 4A or more. Rapid chargers also have different adjustment options to make you comfortable and charge the expensive e-scooter without any worries.

Number of cells in series

Lime scooters are in the development process and are evolving every day. The more cells the scooter has, the more it needs time to charge fully. In the Lime 10 to 14 series, the battery pack contains some small battery cells. Bigger scooters also have multiple battery cells.


Scooter Battery Percentage (%)Charging TimeCells In SeriesMax Voltage
1%-10%5 to 6 hours10 to 1264
20%-40%3 to 4 hours12 to 1446
40%-60%2 to 3 hours12 to 1456.4
60%-70%1 to 2 hours12 to 1467.0
80%-90%30 minutes10 to 1447.0 to 56

The percentage of charge left in the e-scooter

If the scooter battery left less than 10% charge, it would need a minimum of 5 to 6 hours. However, when the scooter has a charge between 30% and 80%, it may take between 3 to 5 hours to charge fully. And if the battery is left 80% to 90% charged, it would need only 30 minutes to charge it fully.

Availability of power

The available electricity supply can be a significant factor in charging an electric scooter. Before you plug in the charger, you should look up the battery capacity of the scooter. Then set the current to 20%. A lower current will take longer to charge the battery, but a higher current can cause damage to the battery and the scooter. So it’s better to be cautious and calculate the amount of current you need.

The capacity of the battery

Battery capacity makes a difference in the charging time of a scooter. The higher the battery capacity, the more it will need time to charge. Initially, the Lime scooter was designed to have a battery pack with the most capacity of about 0.46 kWh. The older models of scooters need less time to charge. They required 3 to 3.5 hours to charge with a regular charger.

But now, the new models of Lime scooters are packed with a 1Kwh battery capacity. So the 1Kwh battery needs 2 to 3 hours more than the previous design scooter and gives longer service.

The capacity of the battery
The capacity of the battery

Tips To Charge Lime Scooters Faster

How to charge Lime scooters faster? As a Lime Juicer, you may want your harvested scooters to charge fast, and who doesn’t? Also, keeping the scooter plugged in for longer than necessary is unsuitable for Lime’s battery life. So, you need to know how to give it a fast recharge to keep the Lime protected and make more money. Here are some tips.

  • Lime scooters are usually 40″ (inches) long, 40″ + tall, and 17″ wide. So, a wide spacious room will make it easier for you to charge them all at once. A garage or a dedicated area for charging Lime is perfect for this scenario.
  • Your Lime scooter may take between 3 to 7 hours to charge fully. Use multi-plug strips and long extension cords to charge multiple Lime scooters simultaneously. Thus you can save time.
  • Keep your space simple and organized to save time when arranging or charging Lime.
  • The 36v battery needs at least a 42v charger voltage. For the Gen 3 scooters, we suggest 42v-4a chargers, but they are pretty difficult to get.
  • Both 2amp and 4amp chargers work. For a faster-charging, pick the 4amp one, but any higher amperage may harm the wiring.

Thus, you can complete a Lime charging task even faster.

Tips To Charge Lime Scooters Faster
Tips To Charge Lime Scooters Faster

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Lime Scooter Using An External Battery Pack?

If you want to charge Lime scooters with an external battery pack, it is possible. Most Lime scooters have an extra battery pack other than the installed one. You can recharge that to supply power to the scooter. Now, the charging time depends on the battery size and power capacity. Nevertheless, the charge will be between 30 minutes and a few hours. Therefore, an external battery pack can be very useful for your Lime scooter when it needs urgent battery backup.


Is it possible to shorten the charging time?

Yes, you can charge a scooter faster than usual. You can use a quick charger to fasten the charge time. Rapid chargers are 4amp or more potent up to 8amp. A fully charged scooter can go around 30 miles.

How far will a fully charged Lime scooter go?

For several short trips, Lime scooters are great. If you charged the scooter fully, it would give you service for a whole day. It can run for 2 to 3 hours, driving about 20 to 30 miles. Once the scooter is freshly charged, you will not have to worry for a day.

How many amps is a scooter battery charger?

Scooter chargers are usually 2A, whereas fast chargers are 4A to 8A. It means that a 2A charger charges a battery of 2amp per hour, and a 4A charger charges a battery of 4amp per hour.

How many volts is a Lime scooter battery?

Most electric scooters come with 36V to 48V batteries. So on average, the battery of a scooter can be 42 volts.

How do I know when my Lime scooter is charged?

The charge indicator light will turn from red to green when the Lime scooter is fully charged. Another way to check whether it has a full charge is on the Lime app. And it is the best way. Go to the ‘My Limes’ tab and check if the battery percentage shows above 95%.

Final Thoughts

For a better battery life and to keep the battery in good condition for a longer time, it’s necessary to charge a scooter properly and try not to keep it plugged in. For this reason, you should know how long it takes to charge a Lime scooter.

You can calculate the time a scooter will need to charge fully. For that, you must see the battery capacity and the current supplies per hour. If you read this article, I hope you have got an idea about the scooter charging time. Also, try not to keep it plugged in after it is fully charged.

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